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Tzivos Hashem

Est. 5741

Forty years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe established “Tzivos Hashem” (the Army of Hashem), for a singular goal: “To bring young Jewish children closer to Torah and Mitzvos.”

An Army?

Modeled as an army, Tzivos Hashem encourages every child to see themselves as a key player in Hashem’s world, empowered to fill a unique mission that no other individual can fulfill. Children are inspired to end the darkness of golus with the pure Light of the Torah they learn and the Mitzvos they do.

Tzivos Hashem Boro Park

Our chapter is created for frum children in the Boro Park community.

Today, more than ever, we cannot take it for granted that our children will grow up to be uncompromisingly committed to Hashem and His Torah. We need to empower them and provide them with unstoppable strength and courage. The kind of strength and courage that comes with being part of the most powerful army in the world – Hashem’s Army.


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